CHOLINE 60% – 70% – 75%

Choline, which is part of the vitamin B group, acts as a donor of methyl groups, fundamental for the formation of substances such as creatine and adrenaline, and for the conversion of fats and other metabolic functions.
This substance is the only additive for zootechnical use that brought an increase of production of Vldl at the liver level, reducing keratosis and the accumulation of triglycerides during the transition.

Choline is a deficient and essential nutrient for ruminants, its scarce presence in feeding is often cause of hepatic steatosis and ketosis. This substance to be effective must release the active ingredient in the intestine, so that it is available to be absorbed.
The use of choline in a diet determines the increase in dry matter intake and, in the long term, an increase in milk production.During birth,its use, can help the transition phase, influencing the productive capacity of the animals. 75% liquid choline is supplied in 1000 kg tanks.