In winter, when it’s cold and the roads tend to freeze, the common salt (NaCl, Sodium Chloride) becomes an important ally to ensure road safety since the salt and ice mixture has a melting point of -10 ° C. Our deicing salt, hyperactive with the addition of anti-agglomerates, can be used on the road surface both as a preventive, before the formation of ice, and as a flux to favor the melting of ice / snow.

It is fundamental guaranteeing roads viability in winter, both from an economic point of view and for the safety and security of motorists. Removing snow and the ice coating reduces accidents and fuel consumption, and guarantees the correct performance of production and the consequent transport of goods. SOS Gelo is the new service of Giglioli srl: Availability 24 hours a day for any emergency.  We guarantee punctual and efficient deliveries!