Glycine is the protein’s basic element ,naturally produced by human being and other organisms.

It is presented as a white powder ,odorless and crystal clear with a sweet taste. Easily soluble in water ,ethanol, acetone and ethyl ether.

It is used as the main ingredient for:

  • sweetener flavoring
  • feed additives intended for pets
  • food supplements
  • amino acid injection solution
  • herbicide glyphosate
  • peanut jams
  • preservatives for fish flakes
  • etc.

Glycine is an excellent feed additive and helps the amino acid increase in poultry and domestic animals; masks the bitter tastes of some hydrolyzed proteins. Glycine is also used as an additional medicine for the myasthenia and Duchenne muscular dystrophy treatment and as an acidifying agent for the neural hyperacidity and gastric ulcer acidity treatments. In the fertilizer industry it is used as a solvent to remove CO2 and as an intermediary for pesticides, eg. a key raw material for herbicide glyphosate; it is also an excellent PH regulator.