The use of salt for electrolysis pools for the purification and sterilization of water, avoids the use of chlorine-based or algae-based products, irritating to eyes and skin.

There are many advantages:

  • The electrolysis process allows the use of chlorine in salt, a naturally occurring natural substance in salt and not a chemical chlorine
  • The water is clear and sterilized without the annoying problem of irritation to eyes and skin
  • The purity of our pads guarantees the absence of any impurities in the water of your pool
  • The transport and handling of chemicals is avoided to ensure a higher level of safety
  • The unpleasant smell of chlorine is reduced
  • A considerable saving is obtained due to the cost-effectiveness of the salt compared to chlorine
  • Increases the comfort caused by the light salinity that makes it resemble sea water

The operating principle is simple: the electrolyser uses a magnetic field to divide sodium chloride into sodium and chlorine and then form hypochlorite, an active disinfectant that eliminates algae, bacteria, fungi and oxidizes organic residues. Subsequently, due to UV rays, this disinfectant becomes salt again and the cycle starts again.