Water hardness is defined by the presence of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. High water hardness is a consequence of the lime scale  formation that over time reduces the efficiency or even causes the rupture of pipes and relative machinery and water systems. The flagship product for water treatment and softening is the acquagem recrystallized hyper pure salt tablets.

The exceptional quality of the raw material (hyper-pure salt - 99.9% purity and recrystallized) combined with high processing technology make ACQUAGEM tablets a superior quality product in terms of effectiveness and performance. The  Acquagem tablets production is carried out with advanced machinery that allows a perfect compaction of the salt avoiding the addition of additives. Cylindrical tablets shape are made to avoid the risk of dust. The product is regularly checked according to the strictest quality parameters and in compliance with the standards required by the standard DIN EN 973/2002-Type A.


Water softening salts  for domestic use shows obvious advantages that can be verified daily!

- Boilers, water heaters, pipes and faucets will reduce scale and deposits

- The water flow will not be reduced and the valves will not become clogged

- The energy consumption will be reduced and the systems will be kept longer

- Washes will be more effective and economical for lower consumption of detergents

- Clothes and underwear will be softer and cleaner

- The colors will remain alive and the fabrics will last longer

- Cutlery, plates and glasses will not come out of the dishwasher marked or stained

- The iron, the blender and all the other small appliances will not remain encrusted and will last longer